Wedding Actual Day Bridal Makeup Promotion

Good News to all Bride-To-Be 2011/2012 ~*^.^*~

I Am A Bride® Actual Day Bridal Makeup &
Wedding/Evening Gown Promotion!
Both for only RM1,100!

Promotion includes:
Wedding Actual Day Bridal Makeup&Hair
- one morning daytime & one evening night time
bridal makeup & hairdo.
- makeup primer & setting spray
are use through-out instead of
ampoules with strong chemical odor.
- fake eyelashes are manually
'cut & paste' to perfectly fit to each individual's eyes.
Wedding or Evening Gown
- choose any one of I Am A Bride® Full Romance Collection
wedding or evening gown for your wedding day!
- basic makeup&hair accessories included
to match your selected gown(s).

For more info, please contact I Am A Bride®
or email us at


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