PRESS: IamaBride @ The 4th International Wedding Expo

25th Sept 09 - 27th Sept 09

The 4th International Wedding & Beauty Exhibition
was held at MidValley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.
I Am A Bride® & Cool Digital Studio was at Booth 66 and the crowd there were amazing! If you had noticed my invitations from Iam A Bride FaceBook (Join now! For more News, Offers, Discount and Promos!)... like members of the club: Alexa&hubby, ShoongWaey&WeiChee, Cindy&Vincent, PeiSze&her whole family (!) and new members that I first meet~!! Plus of course, couples who walk in our booth randomly and walk out became our client *^.^* Thank you all for your support~!!

Here are some of the pictures I took before and during the exhibition:

I am A Bride® Diamonte Crystals Service
30% Discount for FREE during the exhibition!
Took some artistic shoots of I Am A Bride® namecards,
the wedding diamonte crystals on shoes, gowns n veils portfolio,
and of course my sample gown and Qi Pao at the background.
24th Sept09: Set up day
Our booth~ Booth 66! It was just a square cubical with a table and 2 chairs.
I dressed up both the mannequins securely and
nicely decor them with accessories -
headset by Revencen MakeUp Mall (blue)

& D'Magic Touch Makeup Academy (white).
Help out Cool Digital Studio
to set-up our booth together
with their very gorgeous and fine artworks~!

Brough our own tables n chairs for customer reviews and intro...
Finally, me and my 'art work'~!

Compilation pictures of how Booth 66 looked like~
You can tell the colour theme of our booth
from far at one glance! (Yes! I strckly came out with the idea
and inisisted my partner to follow! *Thanks guys!)
Is Black, Blue & White~ *Notice the clothing we wear during the fair? hehehe...
Creative picture combo with me, Booth 66,
my hubby and ShanFoo (my very helpful cousin sister *thanks! *muaks~)
One of my favourate art work from Cool Digital Studio -
The bride taken from the back angle and
showing off her figure, her gown and long veil~

Plus her facial expression~~ Simply flawless~~!
Oh, dun forget~ my DIY back ribbon I did for my wedding last year!
Got quite a few request from clients to
tailor-make one for their wedding gown!!

Looks like it's a trend now, DIY bridezillas~!


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