Uploaded - BehindTheScenes of My PS

YOSH! I've uploaded some of my BehindTheScenes photos during my Pre-Wedding Shoot @ JM on 13 May 2008. (*paiseh-lar...now only share the happy+funny+'ugly-me' shoots...hihihi)

Anyway...this is our second PS, the 1st one we did on 13 March 08, coz the afternoon was raining (raining seasons) so we have to do another booking for another day (tht cost us RM150!! PLUS my fake-lashes RM30 PER PAIR!! Buat baik hati pun tak ada...like kena 'denda' coz i forget to bring the pair i used for my 1st PS...=( hum....) So, bride-to-bes (especially brides who hav small, sepet eyes like me=p) remember to KEEP ur fake lashes~~!! or else kena 'denda' where by the cost can get yourself 10 PAIRS frm any other beauty saloon. *vain vain!

Seek preview of Kathy's BTS photoshoots~!

Director: Mr. Ng Chenseng
Art direction: Mr. Ngchen Seng
Actor/Actress: MRs Ng aka KAthy foO (mostly her!)
Cameraman #1 : Mr. ngchenSeng
Cameraman #2 : Alvin
Costume n makeup: Carrie
Accessories: kAthyfOo
Locations: JM Studio, Lake Garden KL and inside Mr. Ng's car

For more photo clips, please visit: www.mywedding.com/kathychenseng ~happy viewing~ *^.^*


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